Value Added PVCA Products

As a non-profit we can produce and sell goods and services that are within the spectrum of the mission of our organization. Historically the PVCA Funding Stream has mostly been dependent on Grant Funding, our membership, and fundraisers. Part of my vision for PVCA is that we will have a diverse and stable funding stream that includes value added products that help us to achieve the mission of the organization that are also funding streams (pun intended?).

PVCA's Mission is to serve as a steward for the natural and cultural communities in the Upper Penns Creek watershed. We seek to preserve and honor the agricultural roots of Penns Valley by protecting and conserving its waters, farmlands, forests and rural heritage.

One of the places that I have been exploring as a lynchpin for opportunities for PVCA to meet the mission of the organization through the development of value-added products has been at Martin's Feedmill.