Drinking Water Testing Clinic-

Get your drinking water tested! 
Penn State  Water Resources Cooperative Extension and Penns Valley Conservation Association are pleased to announce a free Drinking Water Testing Clinic ....

focused on proper location, construction, testing, maintenance, protection and treatment of private drinking water supplies scheduled for October 10th. Pick up your water sample kit and register  during Crickfest  held Sept. 1 at the Coburn Park. First 100 households are eligible.  For more details or e-mail andrea@pennsvalley.net

Registered participants will need to drop off their samples at the Old Gregg School room 208 September 3 or 4th 6AM-2PM. The samples will be sent to the lab for analysis. On October 10th these results will be interpreted for participants at the Drinking Water Testing Clinic, for several water quality parameters including coliform bacteria, E.coli bacteria, pH, total dissolved solids, arsenic and nitrate.

**Instructions for collecting your water sample will be provided upon registration.  One sample per household please.

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