Mountain Tributaries

One early morning in June I went out with  George Kelly and Lysle Sherwin of the Watershed Committee to  observe a fish inventory being conducted by the Fish and Boat Commission in the upper waterways. The mountain tributaries of the Upper Penns Creek Watershed are its  treasures.  It was a magical morning along the mountain tribs. The inventory analyzes  pounds of trout biomass per acre of water.  We were quite interested in  brown or brook trout species and  the evidence of reproduction through finding the “young of the year”.  The young of the year are the fish that are less than one year old, born during the most recent spawning season.

Perhaps  some of these understudied troutways will be classified through this inventory.  As a member you make this good work happen.
Can you hear the sound of the headwaters trickling , sometimes pouring? The smell of the hay-scented ferns? The morning sun dancing and dappling?  The coolness of the large boulders.  I work to enter that mystery when I write grants for PVCA .  Recently PVCA acquired over $90,000 from a DEP Growing Greener Grant to implement Agricultural Best Management Practices (Ag BMPs)  on the Clint  Buck farm and on his downstream neighbor’s farm. It is my hope that the work done on these farms will tell the story to all who pass by, for the health of the livestock, the health of the waterways, the money saved for the farmer,  the ever increasing beauty brought into the countryside, the regeneration of the earth through loving our neighbors. Currently we  have multiple pending grant proposals for  symbiotic ecological economy and for signage to tell more of this story of the work of PVCA and Partners.

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