PVCA Cumulative Dollars of Investment in Penns Valley

Over the last few months I have combed through all of the PVCA files. I worked closely with Jennifer Farabaugh of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Scott Leff of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University to quantify the twenty years of PVCA projects. As the numbers are calculated I am increasing more proud of the work that PVCA has done. We are finalizing the project numbers now. Soon we will be able to say how many feet of streambank fencing PVCA has completed, how many trees were planted, how many cattle crossings, and youth educated. Here is a chart of the economic impact through funding that PVCA has brought into region since 2000. We hope that PVCA will cross the million dollar mark this year for cumulative funding. The stories of our members help the grant applications to have a much greater success. Why are you a member?  Look at the money you have helped to bring into our region since 2000:

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