From the Chesapeake Bay Foundation **URGENT: Pennsylvanians, please pick up the phone right now and call on Gov. Corbett to save our streams and veto House Bill 1565! Call him at 717-787-2500. 
This is a dangerous bill that will allow developers to cut down valuable trees alongside Pennsylvania's most pristine streams. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Hurry, we're hearing that Corbett could sign this bill in less than 24 hours.**

1. Oct 25 Free Community Workshop "The Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater"

2. Nov. 2: Tour the PVCA Muddy Creek Restoration Site and learn "Dormant Staking" techniques as well as macro-invertebrate sampling and identification and what they mean for our water. Meet at 138 Harter Road Spring Mills. Join our Watershed Committee and students from Penn State's American Water Resources Association  in the planting of a four acre buffer using low-cost and alternative methods to establish this buffer; taking cuttings from specific tree species and planting them in the ground.

3. November 3: Centre County Watershed Summit at the Mount Nittany Inn. Sign-up today!

4. November 13: PVCA Annual Meeting 7 pm at the Green Drake. Read our most recent newsletter to learn more!  
Join us on Thursday, November 13th for 

PVCA’s annual meeting, featuring a talk 
entitled Saving the Honeybees: an Old World 
Approach to New World Problems
Join us on Thursday, November 13th for PVCA’s annual meeting, featuring a talk entitled Saving the Honeybees: an Old World Approach to New World Problems

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